Grow your server by building these 5 Discord bots

Janeth Graziani
7 min readApr 4, 2022

Discord bots are awesome — they are very much like little helpers that can improve and grow your Discord server. You can transform your server into a truly awesome place to hang out by building and adding Discord bots to it. And as your server grows, it can become more challenging to manually manage and moderate it. Fortunately, moderation bots can help here too! We have handpicked some of the best Discord bot templates available on Autocode to help you improve and grow your server!

Advanced Music Bot — stream from YouTube and Spotify

These bot templates are free and work right out of the box! The best part is that they are easily customizable with code to fit your Discord community needs and they come with amazing community support.

If you get stuck or want to customize any of these bots, you can reach out to a helpful community of 40,000 members on the Autocode Discord Server where someone is always willing to help.

Table of Contents:

  • Advanced Music Bot — Stream high-quality music from Youtube and Spotify with an audio player interface.
  • Basic Discord Music Bot — Stream tracks from Youtube with prefix commands
  • Basic Discord Economy App — Use prefix commands to give, steal, search, and gamble for money throughout the server
  • XMod App — Moderate your server with slash or prefix commands to warn, mute, kick and ban members
  • Advanced Ticketing System — Manage questions and requests in an efficient and organized manner
  • How to add bots to Discord
  • Support for adding Discord bots

1. Advanced Music Bot

One of our favorite features you can unlock via bots is music streaming! You can easily listen to music with friends while you game, stream, or work! If you’re new to using music bots for your server, or if you’re looking for a replacement for the Groovy Discord bot and Rythm bot, the Advanced Music Bot is just what you need!

Advanced Music Bot — stream from YouTube and Spotify

Advanced Music Bot Features:

  • Supports Spotify playlists…
Janeth Graziani

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